The Guitar Player (green/gold)

  • The Guitar Player (green/gold)

Linoblock 4-color reduction print
4 in series

Paper size: 9.5X9.5"
Image size: 17X3.5"
Recommended standard frame size: 12X12"

ART4GOOD- $5 of your payment will be donated to The Roots of Music. Check out the amazing work they do to provide music education to underserviced kids in New Orleans. Check out their mission statement here:

In town pick-up is an option.
To opt out of shipping use the discount code: INTOWNPICKUP
Contact me to arrange a time.

This print is made with high quality ink and archival printing paper. Because of the nature of the process, no print exactly alike. The misaligned colors, under/over inked areas, and happy accidents are what I love about this medium, and I hope you do too!